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Everskill has been supplying quality custom metal components to a variety of industries since 2004. We provide customers with a dedicated domestic facility for immediate prototypes and short run production. With the business concept of “Incessant Innovation for Creating the Bright Future”, EverSkill persists in developing long-term relationship with our customers through providing professional services and high quality products at reasonable cost. We are definitely convinced that the only way for EverSkill to prosper is to grow together with our customers.

Company Profile

Our main products include

Aluminum Alloy 
We are the sale office of China Aluminum Corporation Northwest Aluminum Fabrication Branch, we produce high strength Aluminum Seamless Tube, Bar, Plate, Strip etc. Northwest Al. is qualified supplier for China Space, Aviation, Ordnance Industry, Nuclear Industry, Defense, Transportation, Machinery, Instrument etc, whose manufacturing ability is 100,000 Metric Tons now.

We have satisfied many clients in the aviation, marine, military and other industrial fields. They source our high-strength aluminum alloy, customized aluminum products. Some of our higher-profile clients are BMW and Hubbell.

Metal Parts Machining
We are the manufactory specially focus on the metal parts machining, such as shaft, gears, screw, and metal stamping. Have many advanced equipment such as flexible metal plate processing line. CNC DRILL, CNC MILLER. CNC lathe machine. We can make complex structure metal plate, Machine case, Meter box, Control box. And kind of the stainless steel parts.

Casting Parts
We is one of the specialized manufacturer and exporter of various casting parts, include Aluminum goods, Zinc goods. Our factory located in the East of China, Ningbo city which is famous for the die casting & tooling made in China, Quality ensurance certificated with ISO9001:2008. 
The annual output of various casting is above 12000tons and over 200 pcs die tooling. All our parts are used in metallurgy, automobile, chemical, ship and hardware engineering industry. Our produces have been exported to America, Europe, etc.

Metal Stamping and Cabinets
We have many advanced equipments such as SALVAGNINI flexible metal plate processing line, NC Processing line, Auto-painted line, KOMATSU NC Plasma Cutter, AMADA CNC Laser Cutter, NC Groove Machine, CNC Puncher, FLOW Water jet Cutter as well. We can make complex structure metal plate, Machine case, Meter box, Control box, TV Wall, AD Wall, Stainless Steel light box, etc.

Plastic Injection Molds
We is "Best in Class" plastic manufacturer, supplying custom injection molding services. We have factory located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province and Office in Shanghai City, China .
We design plastics products, build molds used to mold plastics, perform the plastics injection molding, supply other parts needed to be assembled with plastics parts, assemble the parts and prepare them for delivery to our customer or our customer's customer. Our well-diversified customer base includes, but is not limited to, the major markets of industrial/consumer, major appliance, truck/agriculture, automotive, fuel delivery, communications and etc.

Our professional team with more than 200 skilled craft-men, 20 of them are engineers. are company's powerful technology guarantee, have the capacity of changing the mind to true and digital production to protect the quality and can complete the customer requirements for each one faultlessly. 

Our engineering staff can assist in efficient part design and consolidation for cost reduction. Our program management skills provide quick turnaround from concept to production while relieving your internal resources for other needs. We can manage the production of tools for high quality and low costs. Our process and quality control systems provide a consistent flow of good parts, eliminating the cost of scrap and rework. Value-added processes, such as finishing and assembly, provide an efficient single-source supplier. 

The Tenet of Everskill is Perfect products, Competitive price, Faith worthy cooperate, Passion Service, Warmly welcome customers to our company visiting.

And we wish the next one is you.

About EverSkill

EverSkill is a world-class, full service contract manufacturer of component parts. We own four different plant which located near Shanghai including Plastic Injection and mold Plant, Metal Stamping, CNC machining and Al, Zn Die Casting Plant, at the same time, we also can produce Aluminium Extrusion Products. We specialize in the production of high volume metal stampings, forgings, castings, machining, plastic injection molding and plastic injection parts. We also offer our customers assembly and packaging services, as well as inventory management solutions. Our corporate office is in Shanghai, China, At the same time, we have two office in USA, one is located in Salt Lake City, UT, and another one located in Detroit, MI. which enable us provide total solution for many difference products. At the same time, we have plan to establish a Europe office in Switzerland next year. Our manufacturing facilities are located throughout the United States and China.

Our high quality component parts are at work at leading manufacturers in a variety of industries, including hardware, railroad, agriculture, military, mining, hand tools, automotive, trucking, medical, musical instruments, consumer products, and more. Top quality, quick delivery, close tolerances, and competitive prices are the driving forces behind our success.

In business since 2006, we are renowned for our flexibility in dealing with our customer’s individual special needs. We understand that you want your parts made right the first time, you want them delivered on time, and you want them at a fair price. In short, you want to do business with a company that does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. We are that company, period.

Management Philosophy

EverSkill continues to thrive because we've made our business all about our customers. It's a standard that many companies set for themselves, but few are able to truly achieve.

Of course, there's a secret behind this success:
Our business is all about our customers.


A culture of respect

Each and every team member at EverSkill is trusted, honored and respected. Because of this, they are wholly committed to our business, providing products and services that exceed our customer's expectations. In turn, these highly satisfied customers become completely committed to our company. And so on and so on the cycle goes.

A culture of accomplishment

Feeling trusted and valued at work is only part of the equation. We believe that not only do people want to feel good at work, they also want to feel strong through accomplishment, both personal and team. To nurture our culture of accomplishment, we've created a unique micro-climate where everyone knows their goals daily—for themselves, their teams, and the company as a whole. And with monthly, performance-based bonuses, meeting those goals means tangible rewards.

It's a culture where people can do their best—not only on the factory floor, but also at home with their families and in the community as good citizens. Learn more about our unique benefits package and our charitable outreach programs.

At EverSkill, we are cultivating a corporate culture and working environment based upon open communication, teamwork, collaboration and diversity of background, thought and experience.
Our team-based environment will help us maintain EverSkill as a learning, collaborative organization. And help us to provide better products and excellent services to our customers.

EverSkill's operation guideline: market-oriented, quality-centered, increase profit with management, give assurance with service, and promote development with renovation, keeping uplifting the company's central competitiveness.

Company's style: take immediate reaction, rigorously satisfy our customers.

Quality guideline: make it our duty to fulfill customers' expectations.

Powermetal's values — —

values: base all on morality, illustrate our value through innovation and achievements.

personnel: give our employees a platform and give them full play.

technology: a small step in technology is a big step for the company.

marketing: to win the market, all of us will work heart and soul, sparing no efforts.

market: to better guide, discover, suit and meet customers' request.

quality: the qualified are fortune, the disqualified are failure.

service: customers' smile is our best comfort; do our best to serve our customers and enjoy its fruit.

renovation: encourage new thoughts; face the changing world with renovation and propel our compnay's transformation.

elite: dismiss the weak to make the stronger even stronger.

efficiency: in a race with enemies, a slower pace is a vital danger.

competition: be prepared for danger when in safety, considering progress when in danger, sleeping with open eyes and always forging forward.

cost: cost is a weapon for competition. Company's gold rule for survival is that when it is profitless for competitors, we can still make a little money.

administration: always improve and continually advance.

culture: correct mind and pursuit are the most powerful drives for company to develop.

profit: share the company's developments with all employees.

safety: only when we learn to dodge risk can we arrive at success


EverSkill dedicated to outstanding quality while being ever mindful of our environment. EverSkill is proud to have achieved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification as part of a continuous improvement process and our dedication to exceeding our customers' expectations.

The right to display and retain this accreditation is a considerable accomplishment in any company's credentials. EverSkill is among a very select group of aluminum extruders that have attained these ISO certification levels.

The Structure Of Organization

3 Reasons Why EverSkill
  1. Design Smart Part Engineering
  2. Design Lower Tooling Costs
  3. Contact Lower Part Costs
Should be your aluminum extrusions, aluminum die castings, steel castings, precision metal fabrications and plastic injection molds Products Supplier.