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Everskill has been supplying quality custom metal components to a variety of industries since 2004. We provide customers with a dedicated domestic facility for immediate prototypes and short run production. With the business concept of “Incessant Innovation for Creating the Bright Future”, EverSkill persists in developing long-term relationship with our customers through providing professional services and high quality products at reasonable cost. We are definitely convinced that the only way for EverSkill to prosper is to grow together with our customers.

OEM for Plastic Part

Shanghai EverSkill M&E Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Plastic Injection and mold Plant, and is highly regarded for its quality products.

We can promise that whatever your Injection Molding Plastic Part problem is, we will find a way to solve it to your satisfaction. For more information about our high quality standards Plastic Part , please contact with us in anytime.
Injection is the most commonly used manufacturing process for the fabrication of plastic parts. A wide variety of products are manufactured using injection process, which vary greatly in their size, complexity, and application.

The injection process requires the use of an injection machine, raw plastic material, and a mold.
The plastic is melted in the injection machine and then injected into the mold, where it cools and solidifies into the final part.

Some common material can be injection: ABS, PE, PP, PVC, PA, POM.
Painting can be done on the surface of injection parts

Material name Abbreviation Description Applications
Acetal POM Strong, rigid, excellent fatigue resistance, excellent creep resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, naturally opaque white, low/medium cost Bearings, cams, gears, handles, plumbing components, rollers, rotors, slide guides, valves
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS Strong, flexible, low mold shrinkage (tight tolerances), chemical resistance, electroplating capability, naturally opaque, low/medium cost Automotive (consoles, panels, trim, vents), boxes, gauges, housings, inhalors, toys
Polyamide 6 (Nylon) PA6 High strength, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, low creep, low friction, almost opaque/white, medium/high cost Bearings, bushings, gears, rollers, wheels
Polyamide 6/6 (Nylon) PA6/6 High strength, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, low creep, low friction, almost opaque/white, medium/high cost Handles, levers, small housings, zip ties
Polycarbonate PC Very tough, temperature resistance, dimensional stability, transparent, high cost Automotive (panels, lenses, consoles), bottles, containers, housings, light covers, reflectors, safety helmets and shields
Polyethylene - Low Density LDPE Lightweight, tough and flexible, excellent chemical resistance, natural waxy appearance, low cost Kitchenware, housings, covers, and containers
Polyethylene - High Density HDPE Tough and stiff, excellent chemical resistance, natural waxy appearance, low cost Chair seats, housings, covers, and containers
Polypropylene PP Lightweight, heat resistance, high chemical resistance, scratch resistance, natural waxy appearance, tough and stiff, low cost. Automotive (bumpers, covers, trim), bottles, caps, crates, handles, housings
Polystyrene - High impact HIPS Impact strength, rigidity, toughness, dimensional stability, naturally translucent, low cost Electronic housings, food containers, toys
Polyvinyl Chloride - Plasticised PVC Tough, flexible, flame resistance, transparent or opaque, low cost Electrical insulation, housewares, medical tubing, shoe soles, toys
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