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Everskill has been supplying quality custom metal components to a variety of industries since 2004. We provide customers with a dedicated domestic facility for immediate prototypes and short run production. With the business concept of “Incessant Innovation for Creating the Bright Future”, EverSkill persists in developing long-term relationship with our customers through providing professional services and high quality products at reasonable cost. We are definitely convinced that the only way for EverSkill to prosper is to grow together with our customers.

Precision Stamping Equipment

Shanghai EverSkill M&E Co., Ltd is a leader in the Machinery & Industrial Supplies industry because of our commitment to excellence, which is achieved by providing the best products and solutions to our customers through exceptional engineering capabilities.
Established in2006, we has developed into a leading player within the Stamping market. Our company is one of the market leading metal stampings, forgings, castings brands that can be found all over the world.
Our mission is to strive for excellence in all phases of our business and to insure complete customer satisfaction.

No. Equipment Specifications Accuracy
1 CNC Punching Machine Machine model: Amada EM2510NT, AC2510NT, imported from Japan. ±0.05mm
for carbon steel and aluminum, max fabrication dimension is 1500mm*3500mm*3.2mm;
for stainless steel, max fabrication dimension is 1500*3500*2.5mm.
Technical parameter: Accuracy +/- 0.07mm
Press: 200KN
Turret position: 58
2 Laser Cutting Machine  Machine model:
Bystronic 3015 ±0.1mm
Capacity: 3000mm*150mm
Max weight loaded: 920kg
Power: 4000W
Max material thickness: Carbon Steel:25.0mm
SST: 12.0mm
AL(5052): 10.0mm
3 Automatic Bending Machine Machine model: Amada RG100 ±0.1mm
Capacity: for carbon steel and aluminum, bending thickness can be up to 10mm;
for SST material, bending thickness can be up to 6mm.
Max part length can be bended by 1 machine: 3500mm.
Technical parameter: Accuracy +/- 0.10mm
Press: 100KN
Positioning length: 500mm
4 Stamping Press Normal press machine:
25T, 63T, 110T, 200T ±0.1mm
We have number of press machines installed in the workshop. We are also willing to invest bigger tonnage press if customer required
5 Secondary Operation Secondary operation equipment: drillng/tapping/rivetting
We have necessary secondary operation equipment such as drilling, pheumatic tapping, rivetting, milling etc. These processes will meet most costomer's demand.
6 Welding We have following welding capability, welded material can be up to 8mm thick.

1. Spot welding
2. Stud welding/Capacitor resistance welding
3. CO2 welding
4. TIG welding

CNC Punching Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Automatic Bending Machine

Stamping Press

Secondary Operation

Shanghai EverSkill M&E Co., Ltd has consistently leveraged the combination of our partners’ technologies with our own existing know-how and manufacturing capabilities to provide high quality Equipment to customers. We look forward to serving you in all of your aluminum extrusions, aluminum die castings, steel castings, precision metal fabrications and plastic injection molds. needs, and we welcome your questions, your comments, and your business.