A culture of respect

Each and every team member at EverSkill is trusted, honored and respected. Because of this, they are wholly committed to our business, providing products and services that exceed our customer's expectations. In turn, these highly satisfied customers become completely committed to our company. And so on and so on the cycle goes.

A culture of accomplishment

Feeling trusted and valued at work is only part of the equation. We believe that not only do people want to feel good at work, they also want to feel strong through accomplishment, both personal and team. To nurture our culture of accomplishment, we've created a unique micro-climate where everyone knows their goals daily—for themselves, their teams, and the company as a whole. And with monthly, performance-based bonuses, meeting those goals means tangible rewards.

It's a culture where people can do their best—not only on the factory floor, but also at home with their families and in the community as good citizens. Learn more about our unique benefits package and our charitable outreach programs.

At EverSkill, we are cultivating a corporate culture and working environment based upon open communication, teamwork, collaboration and diversity of background, thought and experience.
Our team-based environment will help us maintain EverSkill as a learning, collaborative organization. And help us to provide better products and excellent services to our customers.

EverSkill's operation guideline: market-oriented, quality-centered, increase profit with management, give assurance with service, and promote development with renovation, keeping uplifting the company's central competitiveness.

Company's style: take immediate reaction, rigorously satisfy our customers.

Quality guideline: make it our duty to fulfill customers' expectations.

Powermetal's values — —

values: base all on morality, illustrate our value through innovation and achievements.

personnel: give our employees a platform and give them full play.

technology: a small step in technology is a big step for the company.

marketing: to win the market, all of us will work heart and soul, sparing no efforts.

market: to better guide, discover, suit and meet customers' request.

quality: the qualified are fortune, the disqualified are failure.

service: customers' smile is our best comfort; do our best to serve our customers and enjoy its fruit.

renovation: encourage new thoughts; face the changing world with renovation and propel our compnay's transformation.

elite: dismiss the weak to make the stronger even stronger.

efficiency: in a race with enemies, a slower pace is a vital danger.

competition: be prepared for danger when in safety, considering progress when in danger, sleeping with open eyes and always forging forward.

cost: cost is a weapon for competition. Company's gold rule for survival is that when it is profitless for competitors, we can still make a little money.

administration: always improve and continually advance.

culture: correct mind and pursuit are the most powerful drives for company to develop.

profit: share the company's developments with all employees.

safety: only when we learn to dodge risk can we arrive at success