No. Equipment Specifications Accuracy
1 CNC Punching Machine Machine model: Amada EM2510NT, AC2510NT, imported from Japan. ±0.05mm
for carbon steel and aluminum, max fabrication dimension is 1500mm*3500mm*3.2mm;
for stainless steel, max fabrication dimension is 1500*3500*2.5mm.
Technical parameter: Accuracy +/- 0.07mm
Press: 200KN
Turret position: 58
2 Laser Cutting Machine  Machine model:
Bystronic 3015 ±0.1mm
Capacity: 3000mm*150mm
Max weight loaded: 920kg
Power: 4000W
Max material thickness: Carbon Steel:25.0mm
SST: 12.0mm
AL(5052): 10.0mm
3 Automatic Bending Machine Machine model: Amada RG100 ±0.1mm
Capacity: for carbon steel and aluminum, bending thickness can be up to 10mm;
for SST material, bending thickness can be up to 6mm.
Max part length can be bended by 1 machine: 3500mm.
Technical parameter: Accuracy +/- 0.10mm
Press: 100KN
Positioning length: 500mm
4 Stamping Press Normal press machine:
25T, 63T, 110T, 200T ±0.1mm
We have number of press machines installed in the workshop. We are also willing to invest bigger tonnage press if customer required
5 Secondary Operation Secondary operation equipment: drillng/tapping/rivetting
We have necessary secondary operation equipment such as drilling, pheumatic tapping, rivetting, milling etc. These processes will meet most costomer's demand.
6 Welding We have following welding capability, welded material can be up to 8mm thick.

1. Spot welding
2. Stud welding/Capacitor resistance welding
3. CO2 welding
4. TIG welding

CNC Punching Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Automatic Bending Machine

Stamping Press

Secondary Operation