Extrusion Equipment
Squeeze factory with 50 years production experience has a full range of extrusion equipment including 12 extruding machines covering 6-50mn, 8 cold rolling machines, 3 smelting casts, and other casting, heat treatment, adjustments, anodize and etc. 25MN Double-acting reverse extruder imported from Japanese UBE and 45MN Double-acting reverse extruder from Germany range in the advanced equipment level.
50MN Hydraulic Press Equipment 45MN Double-Action Extrusion Machine 36MN Hydraulic Press Equipment
25MN Reverse Extruder Machine 22M、24M Quenching Furnace 20Ton Aging Furnace
20MN Hydraulic Press Equipment 9 Roller Straightening Machine 8MN Roller Straightening Machine